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Update time

So I feel like I need to give y’all an update………

Im graduating in a month and 3 days. I am so excited its unreal! Jeremy moved into our new place and I move in the week after graduation. I have to pack and move in a week woo hoo! But the really big news is……..I accepted a job!!!! I will be working at a therapy clinic that focuses on equine assisted therapy. So basically they use horses to do therapy with children and adults. I accepted a job as an equine specialist. I am so thrilled. I was so scared that I was going to graduate with no job and have to go back to retail. Which was the last thing I wanted to do. But I dont have to and I will get to combine two things I love. My life is changing and I am really excited about it! Other than all of that things are about the same. School and my stupid internship which I still hate! lol. 

This weekend should be fun though. Jeremy and I are going to take a day trip some place to go junkin. Ekk! I love junkin and want to see if I can find some stuff for our new house. Friday night Jeremy has to go to a going away party and he wants me to go. But I really dont want to! He never introduces me to people and I always feel awkward but whatever. Im sure that I’ll still end up going lol. Just gotta suck it up! Guess that means that I should find something to wear. At least I have a reason to dress up cute. 

Well thats my update. I hope y’alls lives are going good and bringing positive changes. 



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