“Oh, me? I’m not 80% water. I’m 80% coffee, and a little bit of sass.”

– Zooey Deschanel 
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“The little things? The little moments? — They aren’t little to me.”

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Your weekly dose of inspiration


Your weekly dose of inspiration

“Be with someone who would drive five hours, just to see you for one.”

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Try 17 hours😏

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So this is going to be a really random post but thats alright….

When Jeremy and I ended I didnt think that I would find someone that could fill that spot. But that was a total lie. A couple weeks ago a friend from back home messaged me just asking how I was. Well we kept talking and I realized that I actually was starting to have feelings. Scary right? He text me early on a Wednesday morning asking what I was doing that night. I told him nothing besides dinner with a friend. He responded with well I have to come up there tonight and want to see you. Of course I told him yes! Well he got to town around 10:30, we just hung out talking, laughing, and being dorks. He left around 3:00 am to go back to work. Crazy right? Drove 8 hours total to see me for 5. Over the last couple weeks my feelings for him have grown and I’m actually excited about it. I said that I wanted to be a cold hearted bitch for awhile and have nothing to do with guys. Well he changed that. I’m going home on Thursday for a camping trip with friends before one of em deploys. And I found out that he is going too. I was totally excited and a little nervous when I found out lol. Needless to say Thursday cant get here quick enough. 

I thought that things were going to be depressing for awhile but I’m actually happy. I have a third interview for a good job tomorrow, doin some retail therapy today, and have a guy who can make me smile from 480 miles away. This girl cant complain :)